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{cutest little cowboy}

This little cowboy is ONE and he is the cutest thing ever! After a few reschedules (darn germs), we finally met up. We had originally planned to take his photos inside, but with the beautiful 70 degree February weather we decided to go outdoors instead. Cole showed off his adorableness in a cowboy hat and boots. His big sister, Ellie, joined in on the fun. She just loves her little brother to pieces. Lots of kisses and hugs were captured! 


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happy birthday caleb Caleb turned two a few weeks ago and this past weekend we met up for his birthday session! I arrived with my kitty ears and whiskers on... I was still dressed up from my daughter's kitty themed birthday party. Thank goodness Caleb likes cats because this little kitty followed him all around the farm! I could get lost in Caleb's eyes. He is the cutest little boy and so sweet. Two year birthday sessions can sometimes be a little tough because, well, we all know how two year olds can be, right?! Caleb made this session super easy for me. Such a fun kiddo to capture. And like all the the little boys I photograph, he found a stick and it made its way into the photos too. Happy Birthday Caleb!

Some favs from his session...


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the purr-fect party!

How did my little lady grow up so fast?! Today she turned four years old. Over the weekend we celebrated her big day with a kitty cat themed birthday party! It was seriously so sweet and I had the best time planning for it too. When her friends arrived, Helen took them to the family room where they got to pick out kitty ears (thanks so much mom for making these). Then my sister put whiskers on them in the tent with an eye liner pencil. Oh my goodness the girls looked precious!

For activities we had a "paint a kitty" station in the kitchen where they got to paint a wooden cat. In the family room there was also a "make a kitty collar" and "color a kitty" station. The girls added beads and bells to pipe cleaners to make a collar. 

After stations, the girls headed to the next room to eat their lunch. We had cat shaped peanut butter sandwiches, mac and cheese, goldfish, and fruit. Once the girls were finished they went to the playroom to play a few games while my mom and sister cleaned up the lunch mess and set up the dessert table. In the playroom we played two kitty themed games. 

1. Pass the Kitty- played just like Hot Potato but children passed around a stuffed kitty cat. If the music stopped, the child holding the cat would "meow".

2. Kitty Hunt- my son hid mice around the playroom and the girls went on a hunt to find a mouse! 

Then we went back to the table to have dessert! I had planned to read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake book (ha ha ha... they didn't seem like they would want to sit through that so instead I chatted about the cover of the book quickly). Then they got to decorate their own cupcakes! Each girl... I mean kitty got an art pallet with all different kinds of sprinkles. They chose from pink, white, or aqua icing and then sprinkled away. Soooo much sugar. So much fun!

The day was so special for her and for me. I have always dreamed of having a daughter so I could relive my childhood through her. We had such a nice time. My heart is so full. Happy birthday my Helen Helen Watermelon. 


Vendor Credits:

Invitation- Etsy Blush Party Boutique

Cat shaped Cookie Cutter for PB&J sandwiches

Wooden Cats to Paint- Michaels Craft Store

Mini Cats Figure Toys (children played with them using the playdough)

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Felicia Bond  - I had planned to read it to them but instead we chatted about the cover ;) Then the girls decorated their own cupcakes. Sprinkles and a cupcake were on an art pallet for each child. They loved this!

Mice for Kitty Hunt game

Helen's Party Dress 

Treat bags had hand-made crochet cat pins that my mother made and adorable little kitty socks






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logan is three! Logan is three! It seems like just yesterday I was snapping his newborn photos. He was born on Christmas Day and is such a happy kiddo. Just recently Logan became a big brother and now when I look at him I am not seeing baby anymore. He has turned into a handsome little boy. A few weeks ago, we met at the Liriodendron Mansion to snap a few photos now that he is a year older. It is always a pleasure capturing memories of this sweet little guy. 


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class of 2017

I had the pleasure of photographing so many stunning seniors this fall! Congrats to the Class of 2017! Looking forward to more senior sessions this spring. 

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eva - 5 days new WAIT. WHAT? A blog post. Why yes it is…

Oh sweet Eva. She was a dream to photograph… 9lbs of pure squishiness. Her big brother greeted me with smiles, but wasn’t too sure if he wanted to show them off for the camera. Eva slumbered away as I snapped pictures. World, meet Eva. She’s lovely.




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February Photo Challenge February is a wrap! Excited to see what March brings!! Thank you all for your support. xoxo ~Meg

32/365 {reflection} It was so nice to get outside today! All of the snow is melting leaving big puddles everywhere!

33/365 {sweet} It was the perfect prompt for today because we were headed to the party store to start planning for baby sis' birthday bash!

34/365 {self portrait} I had planned to wake up, shower, do my hair, and get dressed this morning and snap a creative self portrait. Well... a shower and creativity did not happen. Instead I have messy hair coated with baby food and still in my jammies. I did brush my teeth though!! Being a mom can be exhausting! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

35/365 {calm} Quiet morning conversation with my littlest while the rest of the house was still sleeping.

36/365 {eyes} Whenever we leave the house she has to have some kind of accessory. Today she picked sunglasses.

37/365 She likes to play in the spice cabinet {next to me} while I cook dinner

38/365 {what I'm listening to} She loves making music and hopping around in her Jump n' Jive. Her squeals are the best! 

39/365 {early} Monday mornings can be rough around our house. But this Monday morning he got dressed and brushed his teeth without complaining... a bowl of Lucky Charms was waiting for him downstairs. A super special treat! 

40/365 {square} Working on valentines today and matching name cards to envelopes.

41/365 {depth of field} Books, books, and more books.

42/365 {metal} One of my thrift shop finds. I would love to spend the day going from one antique store to the next!

43/365 {red} Her 1st Valentine's Day

44/365 {free choice} We had lots of fun making valentines for Weston's teachers.

45/365 {makes me happy} Valentine breakfast with my three little loves.

46/365 {movement} This picture pretty much sums up my life. These kids make me so exhausted by the end of the day! Love these little mess makers to the moon and back!

47/365 {in the kitchen} I'm in the process of painting our kitchen and this is the one thing that will never get painted- family growth chart on the door. It is so neat to measure my children and compare them to the heights of their aunt and uncles when they were little kiddos! I am about as tall as my husband when he was 13 years old.

48/365 {pop of color} We love to go through all the shells and rocks that we found on our honeymoon in Nevis.

49/365 {something old} I have an addiction to antique ball jars and can find a use for them in every room of our house. 

50/365 {letters}

51/365 {my outfit today} Little Miss is cutting 3 teeth... thank goodness for my Ergo. She needs the extra mama snuggles.

52/365 {a product I love} My family loves waffles and this waffle maker makes breakfast time super easy and fun for the kiddos too.

53/365 {bokeh} First signs of Spring!

54/365 {starts with t} Tippy toes and touching everything.

55/365 {my drink of choice} My groceries were delivered today... best thing ever! I treated myself to some sweet tea while I worked on JoJo's birthday party decorations.

56/365 {sprinkles} Paper cuttings sprinkled the floor while she worked diligently making her snowflake. 

57/365 {quiet} It's so hard to keep the littlest one quiet in the mornings. This was the perfect moment to share... waiting by big sister's door for her to wake up.

58/365 {a low angle} She drew lots and lots of strawberries on the new chalkboard.

59/365 {homemade} muffins this morning. Yum!

60/366 {breakfast} Every morning you can hear the blender roaring. Today's smoothie: PB/banana/spinach

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January Photo Challenge  Wow! I cannot believe I have already completed one month of the Bethadilly photo challenge! To tell you the truth I thought it was going to be a bust. I thought I would give up after two weeks. But I have to say that I have looked forward to each day's prompt. Some days were a little harder than others, but it was so nice to be challenged and to step outside of my comfort zone. I feel I have already learned so much! I've been dabbling with lenses that I don't usually use and am finding new editing techniques. It's been great. And the best part is that I am taking some memorable photos of my children and our everyday life. One of my New Years resolutions is to bring out my big camera more often instead of my phone and so far I think I have been doing an awesome job! Thank you so much for your comments and likes on Instagram and Facebook. I love to hear your feedback... it's a great motivator! Bring on February! xoxo- Megan

1/365 {me} This is me. My biggest accomplishment in life are these three amazing children. My goal this year is to bring out the big camera. More home candid photos of our every day life experiences. I'm loving this stage of my life. Their life. Geez... if only I could freeze time. Looking forward to all that 2016 brings to my family. I can feel it. It's going to be good!

1/365 {me}
This is me. My biggest accomplishment in life are these three  amazing children. My goal this year is to bring out the big camera. More home candid photos of our every day life experiences. I'm loving this stage of my life. Their life. Geez... if only I could freeze time. Looking forward to all that 2016 brings to my family. I can feel it. It's going to be good! 

2/365 {simple} Oh. My. Goodness. Babies hineys just get me every time and these little striped leggings with the tush all decorated just tops it! It's the simple things in life! 

3/365 {warm} Snuggled up on my couch with may favorite quilt and a cup full of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows and whipped cream. Kids are at the playground with Daddy and baby is sleeping... the perfect midmorning treat. 

4/365 (morning light}


5/365 {frame} It's insanely cold outside so this little girl stayed cozy in her jammies while dolling up in front of her vanity. 

6/365 {one} bowl of spinach. Trying to hide it in our dinner dish tonight. 

7/365 {free choice} Crafts with the young and young at heart. 

8/365 {looking down} My littlest tries so hard to get to all of the big kid toys. And the Hot Wheels Spin Storm is her fav! 

9/365 {my workspace} My kitchen table was the perfect place to work on Helen's birthday party decorations. She couldn't decide whether or not she wanted a "horsey" party or a "shake your hiney" party. We opted for the horse party. 

10/365 {in my cup} Every day I make sure I have a glass of orange juice. My favorite! 

11/365 {classic} One of our favorite winter books, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. A classic! 

12/365 {emotion} JoJo always has a smile on her face! Happy baby! She was busy standing while playing her piano and babbling along to the tune.

13/365 {new}  Early this morning, my bed turned into the ocean where Leonardo and Donatello fought the mean pirates! He is loving all of his new toys!

14/365 {delicate} She's holding her great-great grandmother Helen's wedding picture and wedding band (attached to my engagement ring). So delicately designed. She's named after a beautiful soul. 

15/365 {starts with w} Watercolors. One of our favorite quiet activities... especially when we have a brand new set! 


16/365 {my walls} My favorite wall displays their work. One day I'll miss those cute little scribbles and handprint art. 

17/365 She can now pull herself up and look {outside my window}.

18/365 {pattern} She slept in until 9:45 this morning. After getting dressed, she grabbed her dolly and "magic wand" and began turning us all into witches, frogs, and babies. 

19/365 {blurry} It is brutally cold outside. This morning, I rolled out of bed to start the fire. I had such a fun weekend spending time with my littles and husband. So this morning even felt a little blurry starting the day on my own. Back to the grind. Today's prompt seemed perfect... 

20/365 {what I'm reading} We're getting excited for the springtime!

21/365 {street} I slacked a little yesterday and did not get around to the photo challenge. So this morning as we pulled into the lane, JoJo and I jumped out of the car to snap a quick pic.

22/365 {crisp} The calm before the storm. 

23/365 {my saturday morning} She braved the blizzard and helped daddy try to clear the driveway. 

24/365 {negative space} Homemade cookies on a snowy day.

25/365 {pair} Snow day. 

26/365 {my view today} Brrrrr... this was the view from my porch as I took out the trash this morning. 37 inches of snow blanketing our backyard. 

27/365 {candid} He is having the time of his life sledding in all of this snow!

28/365 {white on white} I bribe the littles with this sweet treat all the time. 

29/365 {cozy} The big kids were busy watching tv this morning so I was able to enjoy some snuggle time with my littlest one. 

30/365 {yellow}


31/365 {open} He found the new box of yummy cereal.   


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Happy New Year! Happy New Year! It is crazy that Christmas has came and went. All of the twinkling lights are put away except for the ones outside. I will get to them later. We all had a wonderful holiday season. This was the year of Nerf guns, Playmobile, and Legos for Weston. I am finding ammo left and right around the house and Johanna is finding all the itty bitty pieces to sets. For instance, I had to scoop a Hungry Hippos marble out of her mouth a couple weeks ago. I may have had a small heart attack that day. Weston's uncle bought him a BB Gun. Oh my. Hopefully he doesn't shoot his eye out. Funny thing is that I am having so much fun with it too! Once I get the kiddos down for a nap, I sit outside on the porch and shoot cans and bottles. What a great stress reliever!

New Years Eve we celebrated with the kids at home. We counted down to the New Year at 7:00 pm. Netflix has a really fun kid friendly countdown. By 8:00 they were in bed and by 9:00 I was out like a light. I cannot hang these days. Johanna is not sleeping through the night ever since she cut her first tooth and the other two will wake here and there throughout the night as well. Sleeping is overrated, right?! One day I will sleep again. 

On New Years Day, I bribed the kiddos to sit and smile for me for their annual New Year Resolution photos! When it comes to taking posed photos of my own children, the session usually lasts about five seconds. They make it miserable for me to tell you the truth! They complain, cry, yell...  candid photos are a lot easier with them! Anyway I snapped a few keepers and they got a pack of Smarties or "Farties" as Helen calls them. 

I love how the kids brainstormed with me to come up with their own resolutions. I am a little nervous about the "sharing" resolution we have set for Helen. We have to work very, VERY hard on that one. Weston has been asking to raise chickens for a while now so we are going to give it a try this Spring! I am crazy excited about this and have been researching each night. Did you know that the color of chickens' ears tell you if it's egg shell will be white or brown?! Over the winter we will be preparing for our hens and by March we will need to paint the duck house which will become the chicken coop. Cannot wait! 

And a look back at the years in the past. My babies.



Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be awesome!!

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{5 months - beach baby} My littlest is five months old. Ugh.... how is that possible?! This past week, we vacationed in Bethany. We couldn't ask for better weather. Johanna began the week with a nasty cold. She was full of snot and just did not feel her best. She would take her morning naps down on the beach, but as soon as she woke up she was ready to go back inside. She wasn't too fond of hanging outside. She's a trooper though. We had quite a few late nights and she rolled with it. She even took a snooze on a restaurant booth while we ate our dinner the last night we were there. 

One morning, Johanna woke up earlier than usual. After she ate, we headed to the beach for a quick photoshoot! I was hoping to make it out before the sunrise, but we were a little too late. She was all smiles and actually enjoyed herself. At one point she spit up and a seagull landed right next to her. And then another. They inched closer to her so I had to chase them away before they started pecking! She laughed and cooed while listening to the crashing waves. Johanna even had her first taste of sand when she decided to suck her sand covered thumb. She loves playing with her feet. Babies and toes get me every time. That tongue of hers is always out... one of JoJo's signature traits. After a few minutes of taking photos of my baby girl, we took a walk on the beach and watched those fast little birdies find sand crabs for breakfast.


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{farm mini} It means so much to me to have returning clients. Last weekend all of my mini sessions were kiddos that I have captured in the past. I love watching the children grow... oh how they change. My first photo session with this family was when Harper was just a little baby at her family farm and now she is four. FOUR! Where did the time go?! She has grown into a beautiful little lady and is an awesome big sis to her little brother, Tripp. His eyes- stunning. He's going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older. I'll have to warn my Johanna and Helen about him! 

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{everett} I had the pleasure of meeting Everett at the farm last weekend. He totally enjoyed the country surroundings during his session- he's a farm boy himself. E smiled from ear to ear the entire time! The tractors and skid loader drove by a few times and there was no way I could get his attention. He's all boy. So we watched and waited for them to pass and then back to the crazy lady singing and snapping pics! Thank you Everett for a fun evening! Enjoy the slideshow below of this CUTIE!        


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Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day...

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{two months}

My little chunky monkey is two months old. The days are flying by! Johanna has an amazing personality. She's always smiling and rarely complains unless she is tired or hungry. She's a go with the flow baby. I guess she has to be since she's the third child. She is great at taking naps, except they are always interrupted because big brother or sister has to go to school or practice. Today she went to the doctors for her two month well visit and weighs twelve pounds. Poor thing had to get three shots. She cried and I cried too. Last weekend I snapped some pictures of her under the rodendrons. I think purple is her color! Happy two months baby girl.


And of course I posted a picture of her on Instagram at the docs today...  :)


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{one month} Where has the time gone? A month flew by in a wink! My baby girl, Johanna, is one month old today. She is such a blessing and we are so in love with her. Yesterday I snapped a few pictures of Johanna in her bedroom. She had a poopy explosion in the outfit I had intended for her to wear- of course she did! Big sister also decided to join in on the fun and get some photos with her baby sis. Weston wanted nothing to do with pictures... I tried, but lost the battle. 

Johanna has the smallest of the bedrooms. She's the third so she gets last dibs. It didn't take much furniture or accessories to decorate her room. Most were hand-me-downs from her siblings. I love the peach walls, but her father thinks it's the ugliest color ever. The accent color is mint/aqua. Her grandmother crochet an afghan for her that goes with the room beautifully! Thanks Gaga! Here's a peak of JoJo enjoying her bedroom!

Oh and if you are wondering where I found the time to write this blog and edit these photos... 4am in the morning when everyone was asleep. I'm still having difficulty finding the time to sit or even eat during the day. I'm trying to learn how to nap with my eyes open. ;) It's a constant marathon. Life is crazy and hectic, but full of love. I'm enjoying the ride. 

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She's Two!

She's two and two thumbs up to that! My Helen sure keeps me on my toes. She's a sassy little thing and knows exactly what she wants. Her favorite color is blue and she has to have blue of everything! Blue cup, blue spoon, blue dress- you name it. She loves chips and juice from Wawa (a trip to Wawa is always on her agenda every weekend with her Daddy). When Daddy is home, mama is chopped liver. Daddy has to put on her bib, help her up when she falls, change her diaper, and pour her cereal. If I even try to help out, she gives me attitude. Her newest thing is shaking her hiney. She's got the move down! So stinkin' cute. She's absolutely obsessed with Elmo and Doc McStuffins. A baby is always in her hand or right by her side. She's going to be the best big sis! I love her sweet little smile, the way she says love you "la lu", her silly faces when she tries to make us laugh, and her cuddles. I am so lucky to be her mommy and cannot wait to see her explorations and growth this year to come! 

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My Little Loves Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all are having a fabulous day and staying warm! It's cold outside!!! Yesterday I decided on a whim to have a quick Valentine photoshoot with my little loves. I've been meaning to take Helen's two year pictures so I snapped a few of just her as well! The kiddos surprisingly cooperated (I may have bribed them with some Smarties). Weston loved being silly for the camera which made for some adorable pictures of my little man. I think they are my favorite ones! And I actually got some real smiles from Helen instead of her "cheese" face. This time next year there will be three little love bugs to bribe for Valentine pictures. Come on baby girl, I am so ready to meet you! I still have a month left, but this mama is done. 

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{lucy} Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of the happiest babies in the world- Lucy! We began our session with Lucy posing in her mama's vanity chair. She was all smiles- clapping and laughing at her daddy and mommy. This baby girl is just stunning! Absolutely beautiful! 

And then she took a break to enjoy some tea with her little friends...

My favorite...


Thank you so much, Lucianna!!! Cannot believe it's been 7 months since we first met...


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{buttercup baby}

Meet Jade, one of the happiest 7 months old I have met. She came to her session with her mom and grandmother. I could not get over her oh so edible baby chunk. I could just eat her up. The weather was beautiful and her smiles were contagious- perfect evening. We even squeezed in a few photos of Jade and her mama. So sweet.

Rigdon farms is full of beautiful scenic backdrops and they are always changing with the season. I was so happy to find this beautiful bush all bloomed but then I was even more ecstatic when I glanced over to see the field full of buttercups. And Jade, well she just loved trying to grab the flowers with her hands. Love the look on get face as she explores her world. Enjoy...

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